Monday, 21 May 2012

Totally normal

It's so nice to have Misuzu and the boys here. So nice... We have really all missed them so much since they've left.
While they've been here, everything have felt so totally normal. Not only is our own amah now back from holiday (finally!!) but for the birthday party on Sunday, Misuzu had also asked their old amah to come and help. So having those two chatting away in the kitchen, and Misuzu and the boys in the house - felt... so normal.

This morning Misuzu came along to Zumba. Again, so normal exercising together, getting the day off to a good start full of energy and having company and a big chat in the car on the way home.

Tomorrow Oliver is going to visit his old class at school so they are coming along for the school run, normal, and then it's time for Craft Club - which is totally normal Tuesday schedule! Maybe I can even convince her to come hashing, which used to be normal before she fell pregnant with Luca.

Such a shame they leave again already on Wednesday... :(

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