Sunday, 20 May 2012

Turning Japanese!

Oliver is turning 3 next week, but as he hasn't really been spending enough time in Singapore yet to make any new friends, Misuzu came up with the splendid idea to have his birthday party here in Brunei. That way, they would make sure they would catch up with everyone while visiting, and all in one day! :)

I offered to have it at our house, so this morning - it all turned Japanese, Oliver had invited his little friends to a "Sushi Party"!
It was a great morning, and a fabulous party! Misuzu had (as always) thought it all through perfectly and brought over a lot of props, special Japanese items and things from Singapore and Japan.
We had Japanese decorations all over, we all wore our Japanese t-shirts (thank you Misuzu!) and of course, we had sushi for lunch. The children actually all as an activity had to make their own sushi - and boy did they get right into it!

After a bit of free play, Misuzu had another activity planned, a crafty one - make your own take-away sushi set out of felt. Everyone got involved, kids, parents and all, and they all turned out great. Such a fab idea!

The cake was also in the sushi theme - of course! Beenal had outdone herself totally, each child got a little individual piece of "sushi", ha ha, they loved it!
And when they left, they got a party bag with sushi biscuits (again, by Beenal), a make-your-own-sushi-gummy-set and their sushi mats plus little wooden spoons. Totally themed, my kind of party.

Here's a slideshow from today's big event. Enjoy!

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