Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A coffee novelty

The rumours had been around for quite a while but it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago they really started flying, when a Starbucks sign came up outside the Mabohai Shopping Center. Was it true? Were we really going to get a Starbucks, here in Brunei?!

Yes, it was, and on Sunday the newest hangout in town opened it's doors - jippie-yay!

I was there this morning, before I did my grocery shopping (it's located on top of "Monkey-SupaSave"), and apparently 8.30 in the morning is the time to go. I had no issues with parking, nor queuing in Starbucks itself.

Apart from the fact that parking is going to be even harder to find now, with both Toys R'Us, SupaSave AND Starbucks in the same place (and there wasn't even enough parking with just the supermarket) - it was really lovely! Nicely decorated, super friendly - and eager - staff, and... good coffee.!

I have been writing about Starbucks in Brunei, or rather, the lack of - before. Actually, for a very long time, that was one of my most googled posts.
Unfortunately they didn't have any of the classic Starbucks cups, with 'Brunei' on them. Apparently they sold out on the first day! :) I hope they will get some in before I go as I'd really like one!
They only had these Brunei thermo cups, which were nice, but not what I was after:

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