Monday, 3 February 2014

How's Nathan doing?

How IS Nathan doing?
Well, he's busy! He's doing ground school and training, which means five days a week, full days of school - he's about to start week four and if I'm not mistaken, soon going in to type related stuff.
He's just moved hotels and will be staying where he is now for at least another month.

In a perfect world, we will be finding our perfect new home when I go up there next week to visit, and he will be moving in just in time to find some furniture and get it all sorted before we get there... In a perfect world that is...

He has found a good mate that he hangs out a lot with, Johnny. They go to the gym, do their different jobs, have dinners and talk shop together. In the beginning now it's been pretty much the same as it was here, lots of admin to sort out, visas, bank accounts, ID cards and all that. They only have two days off each week, so they are busy; cars to test drive, shopping malls to discover, and of course he's also scouting areas and places to live and trying to follow up on all of our school applications.

I wish he would FB or something a bit more often though, cause after the initial "How's the selling going?", the next question in nearly every dialogue I have with anyone at the moment is "How's Nathan doing?"...

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