Monday, 24 February 2014

Happy 30th

Yesterday was Brunei's National Day, and they celebrated their 30th Anniversary.
The country have been buzzing with preparations for while, and many of our CFBT teacher friends have been busy doing several practices for the big parade and celebration at the Stadium that took place yesterday morning. I can't believe it's already been five years since I went to the Silver Jubilee..!

This is how it looked in the Mall the other day when we were there, all white, black and yellow!

It's been nice having an extra day off today (Brunei always takes a day off in lieu if a public holiday already falls on a Friday or a Sunday... They don't want to miss out on any, ha ha!) - since we've had a really busy weekend; we went out to the Yacht Club on Friday afternoon/evening, Lucas had a birthday party Saturday and Turners came over for their sleepover; we all went for dinner at the Saaps Saturday night, then the mud pool excursion yesterday and ending the Sunday with a movie night;  today Linnea & Ben went to a birthday party and Lucas had Nikolas over for a play.
Now, time to chill... - where's that pizza man?

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