Monday, 17 February 2014

Halfway week

So another week has been and gone in our big countdown. This week we passed the halfway mark, which means that in exactly four weeks time we should be touching down in Abu Dhabi - roaring to start our new adventure! (I say should be, all travel arrangements are still not finalized, so watch this space...)

This week was a rather big week, you see I have been up in Abu Dhabi, and the kids have been on a four day sleepover with the Turners.
But before that, there was also time for dentist appointments for the kids, Valentines Day hashing for me on Tuesday and a couple of lunch dates and the other normal activities.

Of course the kids still went to school Thursday and Friday, as usual. On Thursday Lucas took part in the Junior Sports League competitions in the afternoon, and played both football and t-ball. On Friday the Prep School had their Sports Day, and both kids were now out on the field participating in proper events.

I heard from several of my friends during the morning how well they were doing, and Tash also snapped some photos for us to enjoy.

Yellow house won - again!

On the Saturday Linnea and Ben had a Minecraft birthday party to go to, which seemed to have been  a success.

It was two very tired children that came and picked me up from the airport last night after a busy weekend with their friends. They were both really happy to see me. Lucas said he had been a bit homesick - and didn't want me to go away that long again...

What I was up to in Abu Dhabi, will come in another post.

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