Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Yeah baby!

Mama's got some new wheels coming!

Nathan's order of business today was to order my new car. After careful deliberation, he chose to get me (no, I'm not getting involved in car choices...) a Toyota Sequoia.
It's the largest SUV in the Toyota line-up, basically two sizes bigger than my current car (a Toyota Fortuner) - so it's absolutely ginormous! But, if you are going to live in the Middle East, you need a big car!

It's super roomy inside, and it seats 8 people, with the third-row seats folding completely flat into the floor when not in use. The front seats are called "Captains Chairs", I like it..!
Otherwise I wasn't really listening much when Nathan told me about all the specs... All I know is I couldn't get my chosen 'Sandy Beach' exterior; he had to go with 'Silver Metallic', together with a grey interior. I'm really not bothered, I guess silver looks fine too.

If anybody wants to know more about the Sequoia, look here, or here on the local UAE Toyota page.

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