Sunday, 23 February 2014

A morning at the mud volcanoes

We are having the Turner kids over for a double sleepover this weekend, and this morning we went on a bit of an adventure - to Malaysia! Ha ha, that's how we do it here, go to another country whilst looking after someone else's kids! :)

Well it's not as adventurous as it sounds, we "only" went across the border and over to Limbang, to visit the mud volcanoes in Kampung Meritam. Beenal, Sebbie and Jessie came along too for a bit of a different excursion.
I had seen photos from this place on Facebook, several of our friends have been there lately, and I really wanted to go before we left. We had sourced the directions and set off in two cars, got there without any problems.

It was quite cool, a bit like a moon landscape with quite a few mud mounds bubbling away around the place. There was two bigger craters where you could get in, and to get out you had to slide down a mud slide into a mud "river". The kids were a bit hesitant to getting in:

You didn't touch the bottom, actually you couldn't even if you tried, because it was like being weight less - you were floating! Lucas isn't sitting on anything here, he's floating:

It was a bit tricky to actually get out of the pools, cause everything around you was slippery too...

We all got properly covered in mud! After all, it's good for your skin!

After a while when everybody had had enough and we were nicely all covered in mud, it was time to go back to the changing rooms and try to get clean. 'Try' being the operative word here... Let's just say, that even after a poor shower by the mud pools, a total hose down outside when we got back and then a proper shower, certain little people still have mud in their ears...

On the way home we stopped in at Linggis for a quick lunch, and then it was back across the border again and home to chill out for the rest of the day.
What a great place, and what a great morning!

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