Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Junior Masterchef

The other day at lunch time, asking for some help from the kids setting the table spurred on a discussion about helping out, different jobs around the house etc. I told the kids that once we get to Abu Dhabi we probably won't have an Amah for a while - and Lucas got very quiet and then asked:
-"But they do have restaurants in Abu Dhabi, right?!"

So, the discussion continued, and I asked them how they were planning on looking after themselves when they are leaving home? Lucas again took a minute to think, and then he exclaimed - "I need to learn how to cook! Teach me how to do pancakes!"

Ok, I guess that's a good place to start - said and done, I let him make the pancakes, all by himself.

He did a pretty good job! Kitchen got a bit messy, and pancakes a bit thick - but for his first time doing it all by himself, it was really well done. Linnea ate with good appetite as did Lucas, being very proud of himself.

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