Sunday, 9 February 2014

The fourth week

I have an app on my phone that gives me daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes. On Monday it told me that I would suffer some technical issues this week... Great.
Well, Tuesday morning we came out to this when we were supposed to go to school in the morning:

No panic though, we were really early, so all I had to do was call Nicole, and she took the kids to school for me. Had she already left there's another neighbour also going to school, or Anna, Tash and Pip all pass my house as well.
Then I called the 24/7 crew, who came and changed the tyre for me:

Luckily I had no plans Tuesday morning, I could carefully drive the car on the spare tyre down to the tyre shop, to have them fix my tyre for me again (it had a huge nail in it!), mount it back on the car and store the spare tyre away under it. They had raised their price since last time I was there. It only cost me $3 last time, and now I had to pay FIVE dollars! Ha ha!

Then my Amah's alarm didn't wake her on Wednesday so she slept in... No big deal there either, I can still figure out what goes in the lunch boxes and get everyone ready!
Finally the other day my kettle packed up! So I guess I've had my fair share of technical malfunctions this week, I hope next week will be better!

Otherwise I've kept clearing out, and preparing for the packers. I think I'm really, really close now to having only things that will come in the house, or either be donated or thrown away in the end. Some more furniture went this week, so now it looks really empty in some corners of the house:

I also jumped on my neighbour's garage sale this morning, and sold a few more weird and wonderful things I have no more use for:

We managed to spend a few hours at the Yacht Club finally yesterday, and realized they are building a brand new car park outside, which will be really good once it's done!

Apart from that, we've been to a CNY party and a BBQ this week; I've celebrated Anna's birthday and hashed; AND I managed to close our post box, forward our mail, plan and execute Lucas' birthday party and get the some last vaccinations we were missing.
The days roll by quicker and quicker, so Jay and I truly enjoy our quiet nights together in front of the TV, when it's peaceful enough to try and catch up with everything going on, also in my mind...

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