Sunday, 2 February 2014

1/3 done

So, another week done in the big countdown... It's now only six weeks left until we leave the Abode. Although in theory, it's only five left of "normal" life - the last week when the furniture goes and the packers come in, we will move into a hotel.
It's a bit crazy when you can map each week out in your head, and you know exactly what's happening or needs to be done when. Even though I am very much on top of things, I can't help starting to feel the stress, or the excitement maybe. I keep waiting for something going horribly wrong, but so far *knock on wood*, it's all going very well and according to plan.

This week was a short week at school since we were off Thursday and Friday for Chinese New Year. Lucas had an all-day school excursion to Seria and the Oil and Gas Discovery Center on Wednesday, which he enjoyed a lot. We also went to a birthday party at the Yacht Club on Wednesday afternoon, after CCAs, so both kids slept really well that evening!
Linnea went on a sleepover Thursday, and to an CNY Open House with her friends on Friday. Unfortunately she fell ill when she got home, and threw up all evening. Luckily it seemed to be a one-off-empty-the-tummy virus, as she was better the next day.

Apart from the usual hashing and clearing out (never ending...) for me, I managed to get the car serviced with the huge help of friends picking me up, and dropping me off; I also went on a birthday lunch for a friend on Monday, a girly lunch on Thursday and I was at Turners for a BBQ last night, which was super yum as usual.

The days are rolling by. 42 more to go.

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