Thursday, 30 January 2014

The year of the Horse - Gong Xi Fa Cai

It's the eve of the Chinese New Year, or as the Chinese themselves call it, the Lunar New Year. Here are a few things you should do to prepare, according to the Chinese:

- Clean your house from top to bottom and pay off all debts before New Year.
- Decorate your home to welcome in the New Year. Red is a popular colour, it scares away evil spirits and bad fortune.
- Place mandarins in bowls throughout the house. Mandarins are the fruits of happiness. Keep their numbers even, as uneven numbers bring unhappiness.
- Wear new clothes and ensure you are polite to others on the first day of the New Year – it sets the tone for the year to come.
- Celebrate New Year with a family dinner. Traditional dishes include fish and chicken, symbols of prosperity.
- Make sure the barrel of rice is full at New Year to ensure prosperity in the year to come.

Here's what I've found that the Year of the Horse will bring for Nathan and I, as we are both oxes:

"The Year of the Horse brings a sense of restless excitement. Ox natives prefer stability and security. With Horse pulling you along, your challenge will to be more flexible and adventurous.
Wood energy encourages slow growth that supports your best interests. In a year marked by change and reevaluation, have the courage to surrender what no longer works for you.
It can be uncomfortable to leave what is familiar. But your social networks, good friends, and wise mentors will help you find your best path forward. Apparent roadblocks will be giving way to exciting new opportunities.

The year 2014 for the ox will be better and more beneficial than previous years. This 2014 can be used as a stepping-stone to the following year, a potentially huge 2015 which be the game changer the ox sign bearers have been looking for. Do not be afraid to rely on friends because they will be the support that the ox sign bearers will need."

Ah, sound just about right I guess!
Happy New Year!

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