Sunday, 19 January 2014

One done, eight to go

So, one week done. Eight to go...
I'm a little bit worried as to what the rest of our time here has in store for us, as this week certainly has been slightly challenging for this temporarily single Mum already.

We had three power cuts over two nights. Not so much fun spending two evenings, all by yourself, in a total blackout. Luckily the kids could fall asleep anyway, and the bonus for me was that I had to go to bed early since there wasn't much else to do - so I got some much needed extra sleep.

Our kids are very rarely sick. They've actually had terms with 0% absence from school! Although every now and then, things happen... This week Linnea had a close encounter with a wall one morning. She was playing "it" before school, and got pushed head first into a wall = scrapes all over her face, shoulder, arm and knee... :(

I got the call from the school nurse already at 08.03, so back I had to go to school to get her again. Little one, it really doesn't look very nice.

Apart from these happenings slightly out of the ordinary, it has been a rather normal week. Hash, tidying up, work, selling stuff, school, kids birthday parties, sleepovers, Yacht Club, and a lot of driving around as usual.
Bring on the next one.

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Berny said...

Good evening to the Watson Family from England. A quick question about Brunei. I am a teacher and will soon hopefully be relocating to work at JIS. Your blog has given me a good insite to life in Brunei. I have searched on the internet but couldn't find whether Brunei, like many Islamic countries, enforce the law of no non-married couples living together. My girlfriend is also a teacher and we are trying to weigh out the pros and cons between relocating to Dubai or Brunei. Any advice on Brunei would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Bernard

PS- I hope your daughter gets well soon!