Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The last supper

On our last New Years Eve in Brunei, we celebrated pretty much like last year (maybe we've created a nice tradition here?), with a yummy fondue dinner at home.
Nathan was scheduled to work (again!) on New Years Day so not much choice really, but - it's still my favourite way to do it. I've never been much of a big NYE party girl.

We invited the Turners as well, it was really nice to end this special year, and share this special evening with good friends.
They had never done a fondue, so it was a first for them! We started with some salmon, caviar and crème fraîche, on waffles:

Then it was time for the fondue, we had three different kinds of meat, lots of veggies and sauces - mmm! It's such a nice way of enjoying your food, you don't get full so quickly as it takes a while to cook it! Kids were so excited, they vividly remembered last years dinner, and they enjoyed it just as much this year, especially Linnea.

Hannah and Tash had made the dessert, Pavlova of course!

Before we knew it, it was time to jump into the new year! (Danish tradition) We had the countdown going on the iPad and coins in our hands, all ready to go!

Happy New Year from all of us!

I wonder where we will be celebrating next NYE..? It sure is going to be a very exciting year for this Watson family... Abu Dhabi, here we come! Bring it on!

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