Sunday, 26 January 2014

Last Kids Hash

Straight after the Aussie BBQ this afternoon, we went a little bit down the road to the Kids Hash.
The rain had stopped by now, luckily, but it was still very muddy obviously - plus we were a bit late and everybody had already gone, so we decided only to do the short trail. Good choice, as the people on the long trail had gone through several river crossings, and some (adults!) had been in muddy water up to their waist! Fun, fun, fun!

We wore yellow, because it was the CNY run. After the run the kids got new CNY t-shirts, and also a lucky coin, an orange and a pretty CNY cookie - it's the year of the horse coming up.

Since it was our last Kids Hash (we wont be making neither the February nor the March one unfortunately), they got a big farewell, a down-down and a certificate. Linnea ended up having done 41 runs, and Lucas 39 - here in the Brunei jungle!
Well done kids!

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