Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Flat Mallory

The day before Christmas Linnea received a special letter through the mail. It was a letter from her Canadian friend Mallory who left Brunei last July and moved to Denver, Colorado. She wrote that they were studying geography at the moment in school, and had read the book "Flat Stanley". Her class got to make flat duplicates of themselves, to send to special friends, and Mallory had chosen Linnea.

Flat Stanley is the hero of a series children's books written by Jeff Brown.
Stanley Lambchop was just an ordinary boy until one night a bulletin board fell off his bedroom wall and squashed him.  Stanley was unhurt, but flat. Stanley soon discovered that being flat had its advantages, and the books tell of Stanley's many adventures. One of the benefits of Stanley's diminished size is that he can be posted to visit his friends. Send Stanley off, and see what happens!

We had to be a bit quick doing our part with Flat Mallory, since she should've been back to their school on the 9th of December (...), but she will be going back today - together with some postcards and souvenirs from her trip to Brunei! You are supposed to take your visitor on adventures, but since we haven't done much this last part of the Christmas holidays, Flat Mallory only came one day to the Yacht Club with us:

She seemed to like the sun and the sea though, although she couldn't go swimming of course...

Look out Mallory - your flat counterpart is on her way back to you!

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