Wednesday, 15 January 2014

It's raining, it's pouring

We are experiencing some abnormal weather at the moment. I say abnormal, because usually when it rains here, it pours down for a couple of hours max, and then the sun comes back.
Now, it's been raining, literally, for the last two days and nights - non-stop! Big floods cover the roads, and someone even claims they saw fish on the road..! :D

The usual raining season for SE Asia is November to April, which was the case years ago. I guess with global warming etc the weather changed and we haven't really had "rainy season" for the last couple of years. With the last couple of days, it sure seems like it's gone full cycle, and we are back to norm!

Last time we saw rains like this, in 2008, most of Brunei was flooded and the rain caused big problems. This is a photo from back then, it's the Gadong/Kiulap tunnel, or underpass under the big roundabout. It was completely full of water at one stage!

We had a power cut last night, that lasted about four hours, just from bedtime until midnight. The kids didn't like it, but managed to fall asleep, and so did I. I went to bed about 9pm, since there just wasn't much else to do!
We won't have weather like this in Abu Dhabi!

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De' Munglocks said...

Greetings from a local Bruneian. I just found your blog today. It is fun reading the contents of your blog.

About this post, it's usually cold around these days of the year.

I live in Tutong district, and just meters away from the beach. Flood might sound terrifying but the sea waves level is more terrifying, really.

Anyway, how long have you been staying in Brunei? Do you like it here?