Monday, 27 January 2014

Getting bare

So, another week has passed, and whereas the first week without Nathan seemed to be the slowest week e-v-e-r, this one was more normal, and went by in a flash!

It's been a good week, obviously with birthday celebrations galore on Monday, Tuesday Hash and play dates as usual. The kids had friends over for sleepovers Friday night and I was next door for a movie night. Linnea went to a "Murder Mystery"-type (without the murder bit!) birthday party on Saturday afternoon after our trip to the salon and Lucas has been playing his Xbox Infinity and finished a few games already!

Apart from a little car glitch, where a light came on and I had to call Dave to make sure it was nothing serious (which it wasn't, just a generic warning at a certain amount of kms), it's been a really good week. The kids and I have established our own routines, and the days roll by. I'm even sleeping really well, something I usually don't do when I'm on my own.

I've sold a few more of the bigger items, the brown sofas downstairs have now gone, and the blue rugs. I got good money for it all, so decided to let those things go. It's getting a bit bare downstairs, but for each thing that gets sorted, that's one less thing I'll have to deal with in the end!

This week we are having Chinese New Year, so no school for Thursday and Friday. I'm hoping to get the kids to help me get through and sort a bit more of their stuff, as that's seems like a never ending project...

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