Sunday, 19 January 2014


When Lucas hair was wet at the Yacht Club today, I noticed it looked a bit funny:

I took a photo to show him and asked:
- "What on earth did the hairdresser do to you last time you had your haircut?!"

Lucas said hesitantly:
- "Well, it might have happened at school...", and then he ran away again.

Hm. There I was, pondering, what did he mean "might"? You would think you would notice wouldn't you, if something like that "happened" to you, ha ha. So I told him I wasn't angry, I just wanted to know what happened and then the truth slowly came out.
Apparently one of his friends had accidently (?) cut some of his hair off, during a maths (??) lesson... Ok, hm. Well, don't do that. Just don't cut anybody's hair, at school, ever. Ok?

Needless to say, he now has a very short fringe, after I had to "fix" it up and even it out..! That might teach him a lesson! :)

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