Monday, 6 January 2014

No happy dance today

We're going back to school today for our last term in Brunei and it's also Nathan's last week here. (Last this, last that... yuk)
Normally I would be doing my little happy dance across the parking lot after having dropped the kids off, looking forward to getting home to a quiet, really enjoyable cup of coffee in my lonesomeness.
Not today.

Not only didn't we have a single bean of coffee in the house, but Lucas woke up and didn't feel very well, which is rather unusual for him, so I had to send him back to bed.
I then got downstairs to our Amah telling me that the dogs had fought a snake in the night, and she was sure it was a cobra. The snake was outside dead, but unfortunately so was one of our dogs... He must have been marked by the snake in the fight. :(
Poor Mocha, he has fought quite a few monitor lizards and snakes before, and even killed a few - until now always unharmed. I guess it was just a question of time, as he never backed away from a fight with any reptile. He really was our best protector, and he always did his job. He died a hero.
Love you buddy, thank you for looking after us. ♥

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eastcoastmom said...

Åh vilken tuff och modig hund! Vila i frid.

Och eftersom vi just flyttat känner jag med dig, det är många sista på slutet. Se framåt! Det kommer bli jättebra!

Hälsningar från Connecticut