Saturday, 8 February 2014

Lucas 10th birthday party

Yesterday we had Lucas' party for his 10th birthday. The reason it happened two weeks after his birthday was simply because we wanted to do a movie party this time, and "The Lego Movie" only premiered here on Thursday.
14 kids came along to the movies, 12 boys, Hannah and Linnea - and I had roped Tash in to helping me usher them along, since two of them were hers! ;)

The had this new cool Lego display outside the theaters, "No touchy touchy!", ha ha!

After having got popcorn and a drink for everybody, we were ready to go find our seats!

The movie was fun, everybody seemed to enjoy it! Such a perfect movie for this age.

After the movies we took them across to one of Lucas' favourite restaurants 'Fish & Co' for dinner. It all was very easy and went very smooth. They could order what they wanted, and all ate with good appetite, even though they'd had movie snacks.

When it was time for cake, the waiters from the restaurant performed their birthday rap:

Lucas got to close his eyes and make a wish...

... and then blow out the candles!

He insisted on cutting up the cake himself, a Minecraft cake made by Greets & Treats, just like he wanted:

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