Sunday, 23 February 2014

My BFF ♥

Even though I had extra kids at home, and was actually planning to take them to sushi for dinner last night, to make it easy for myself - Nicole insisted we all came down there for dinner, extra kids and all. Ok then, she didn't really need to ask twice - I needed a good chin-wag!

She had made such an effort and cooked a lamb roast, with all the trimmings... mmmmmm, delicious! And, for dessert, all in my honour - a super yummy pavlova de luxe, with peaches, strawberries and Ferrero Rocher! Omg...

Even though the house was full of kids, we managed to have a really nice evening with some lovely heart-to-hearts. Might have been the last lovely dinner together we managed to have, who knows, time is running away from me...

I'm so lucky though to made some of the best of friends here in Brunei.
I will miss especially Nicole terribly, but I know we will meet again.
Because we will make it happen.
Over and over again.
Because we will. ♥

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