Tuesday, 29 January 2013


I got a total energy boost the other day and decided that it was time to sort out all those stored away clothes that were falling out of the cupboards where I kept them.
I had kept hold of them because I was planning host do another "Bring-and-Buy sale" at some stage, but in the end... it all felt like too much hassle. All of a sudden I just wanted to get rid of all these things we were never going to use again.

My oh my, it was SO much..!
I had shelves and shelves of stuff that the kids had outgrown, but also things that Nathan and I won't use or don't fit anymore. (Mostly because it's too big ;)..!)

So, today I took it all down to the Berakas Camp. The Loan Service Team has a thrift shop there where they sell the things on, cheap, cheap - and then they use the money they get to do good deeds in the community.
It's kind of a win-win-win situation: people can come to the shop and buy nice things very cheap, the money goes towards charity AND - I get it out of my house! Win, win, win!


MrsC said...

Good idea. And good heart!

Jonathan Collier said...


Great blog! We are a family of 4 considering a move to Brunei. Can you email me so that I can pick your brains about life there?


Jonathan Collier said...

Apologies if you get 3 messages but I haven't got a clue if the first one or 2 went through - silly computers!
We are currently in NZ (family of 4) and are seriously considering a move to Brunei. Can you drop me an email so that I can pick your brains? No worries if you can't. Great blog!


dryhillsjon@gmail.com or

Kate said...

Hi, great blog. We are due to move to Brunei in June with the RAF as loan service, my husband is a dentist in the RAF. Your blog is great as it gives an insight into life in Brunei

Kate said...

Any advice, recommendations would be greatly appreciated i.e what to bring with us etc...thank you for the great blog.