Thursday, 3 January 2013

Girl's day

It was girl's day at the Box this morning (well, ha ha, until Mike turned up last minute!) - just four of us girls, and Emily as the coach today! Go the girls!

Before the WOD we did a skills exercise targeted to improve our push-up position, planks - but on our hands rather than the elbows.
It was an exercise in three steps: first 1 minute just on our hands, then 1 minute with a 25lbs plate on our back, and then - 1 minute (or some did even longer than that!) with a 45lbs plate! Here's Anna and Pippa with the big plate:

You know what - I did it!
I never thought I would manage, those plates are heavy, and I was surprised already when I could handle the 25lbs. Then, I thought I'd give the 45lbs at least a try, as Pip said, it would just be like holding the plank with Linnea on my back! I was shaking in the end, but I did it!
Such a good feeling when you actually surprise yourself doing more than you think you can. Go me!

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