Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bad taste party

The Junior School is having a BBQ and Social Event for the kids in Y3-5 tonight, to help raise funds for the charities that the Student Council support. This year it's with a 'Bad Taste' theme.

When I googled for ideas about what a 'Bad Taste' dress-up could be, I got pretty scared! I found many, many pictures of really disgusting, "cross-the-line" costumes...
I think what the kids coming up with it had in mind was more - wear a totally mismatched and clashing outfit?
At least, that's how Lucas went - his clothes inside out, and with purple hair! Actually he looked pretty cool! :)

He's getting so grown-up being out all "on his own", it's a weird feeling! (I didn't have to take him, he went with Nicole who's working there tonight anyway.) I'm sure he's having a blast!

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