Saturday, 26 January 2013

It's my party!

So, last night I had invited a few friends over for drinks and nibbles; with my birthday as an excuse, any reason is good enough to throw a party!

I had been busy going to nearly every supermarket in Brunei the days previous to try and shop for my long list of hors d'oevres I was planning to serve. There's just no one-stop-shop here, it's usually a two-day mission to find everything when you are planning something more than just your ordinary weekly menu. Phew.
Luckily I didn't have to prepare it all myself... the beauty of living where we do! My Amah did an amazing job on the list of nibbles I had given her, luckily she likes a challenge! She was at it all day and it sure paid off, she got lots of compliments on the gorgeous food! We enjoyed:

Mini tomato and ricotta tarts
Wonton wrappers with chicken and chestnut
Chive pikelets with smoked salmon and horseradish sauce
Finger-licking good chicken wings
My spinach dip, of course
Montadidos (baguette with brie, blueberry jam and walnuts)
Mozzarella and semi-dried tomato balls
Smoked salmon bruschettas
Lamb and pinenut boats
Chips and dips
Pumpernickel bread with blue cheese and beetroot 
Camembert and autumn chutney bruschettas
Thai chicken patties with pesto   
- and some homemade pizzas Jeremy had brought!
Yum! YUM!

Everybody was looking so lovely, unfortunately I didn't manage to get everyone on photo, but here's a few of the guests anyway:

Absolutely stunning flowers I got sent from some friends who couldn't make it:

Boys in the kitchen:

Someone just cracked a good joke!! :D

And with this last picture, I think we leave the rest of the photos from the night in the archive...

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MrsC said...

Mmmm...the nibbles sounds amazingly good!!!