Sunday, 6 January 2013

Bad biking mojo

It has been a bad week for Nathan and his bikes this week. He and Lucas took their mountain bikes out for a spin with some friends yesterday, and after a while I got a call and had to dispatch rescue patrol - for the second time this week! (On Monday he was out riding his road bike, when the chain snapped! Had to go and pick him up from the side of the road then too.)

Well, back to yesterday. While riding back home after some muddy adventuring off road, his rear derailer suddenly "exploded"! The hanger was completely broken and the derailer twisted and broken too. Bummer.

Luckily though, no one else than the bike was hurt. I always answer my phone with dread if Nathan's name pops up on the display when I know he's out riding. At least once I hear his voice I know he's ok and not lying on the road unconscious somewhere.

Apart from the end result of the broken bike, it seemed like they had had lots of fun though! Both them and the bikes were muddy, muddy, muddy!

Washing the bikes took nearly as long as the ride!

And then washing the shoes...


MrsC said...

Wow! Du er kjempesprek, Boel!

MrsW said...

Ha ha, vad är "sprek"..???