Monday, 21 January 2013

Happy (3)9th Birthday!

We got up very early in the morning Sunday to fly back to Brunei, on our birthday! We were back home already before 11 in the morning.
Rhoda had decorated the house (on my request), so there was balloons and garlands everywhere! She  also surprised us with a chocolate cake she had baked, yum!

Lucas finally got to open all his presents and got some pretty cool stuff: some Megablocks Halo, some Lego, Speed Stacking Cups, a book, clothes, Smiggles stuff - the usual favourite things! :)

And I got a nice, dressy watch for my present! (And a blender, but that's not really worth a photo!)

The yearly picture of the birthday people!

Then it was time to blow out the candles and get us some of that cake!

For lunch, Lucas had requested that we go to one of his favourites - Fish and Co, and we had asked the Turners to come along.

They have a tradition to celebrate anyone who eats there on their birthday, so we got to stand on our chairs (well Lucas did...) get sung to, blow candles - and the restaurant crew even performed a birthday rap! :D

In the afternoon we went to the Kids Hash and got sung to there too, but unfortunately there's no picture proof of that... All in all it was another very good birthday!
More partying will be done this weekend, with all our friends! Bring it on!

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