Thursday, 31 January 2013

What do you do all day?

I do remember having written a post or two with this title before on this blog... about the number one question that often pops up in conversation. Only from people back home though, never from anyone here, funny enough!
Ok, so for all of you who have been wondering how on earth I spend my time doing "nothing", I can tell you - I now have a "something" to do!

Thanks to the wonderful world of internet, I am able to "work" from my home, with a Danish friend of mine. She is an international agent for home interior photographers and stylists who work with high quality features in Scandinavian style. Her company Pure Public delivers features in the fields of home interior, food, garden and decoration to magazines world wide.

Since she thinks I have a knack for languages, I'm currently helping her with the synopses and translations of said features, from danish to english. It's the perfect project for me, I can do it in my own time and the deadlines are rarely pressing.
And, oh my - it's so much fun!! Sometimes a real challenge, when the articles are about things I know nothing about myself, f.e potting plants, or DIY sewing projects... ha ha.

I'm truly enjoying to have this little project of my own and as soon as I have finished one translation, I can't wait until another feature lands in my inbox for me to sink my teeth in!

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MrsW said...

A comment from MrsC - that I managed to delete instead of approving, so had to copy and paste it in here, cause it's SO good! :)

"You ARE privileged! Your children are privileged! Your hubby is privileged! If I only could change places with you. I love your 2008 blogpost, and it is really something to think about. How crazy is it that society has changed this much. I mean, that it is 'more normal' to have a job now than to be at home with your children. But the effects we see of this is scary! The effect of that the society is forcing us to be two income families might just have devastating effects on our children. Have a look at a short YouTube clip from, just about this! Thanks for reminding me. And I am so sorry if I ever was one of those 'what do you do all day' (come to think of it, I can recall that phrase falling out of my mouth when we had coffee in town...)! Your two lil' peanuts are very lucky to have you as a mum, always there for them!l (, ai, I am blabbing away here. Your post stirred up some thinking...:)"