Saturday, 26 January 2013


Today it was time for Lucas' 9th birthday party. We didn't want to schedule it for last Sunday even though we were home in the morning, just in case we wouldn't have made the flight. So he has had to wait all week for it!

It was an easy one to organize this year as we had decided to have it out of the house. No decorations to prepare, no food to plan, no games or entertainment to organize - just the party bags. Easy peasy.
We had 13 boys plus Linnea and Gemma coming to the bowling alley for a few games of bowling.

We had to stop for prayer at one stage, and the local boys did their bit:

I had organized for them to play 2 games each, but most of them actually had enough after about 1 1/3 game...

... and started chasing each other around instead!
Only the two most hard core players were left by then. They finished everybody's second game!

A quick after-the-game quiet moment with a drink:

Then we organized everybody and went downstairs for pizza! Not sure giving the kids balloon swords was the best idea the restaurant had though...

An attempt of a group shot:

Pizza time! Went down a treat after all that bowling!

Cake, from 'Greet and Treats', of course! A very cool bowling alley cake!

AND - Lucas got sung to by the staff here too!

One of Lucas' friends said afterward the party had been the "best party e-v-e-r", so I guess that's a good testament! Some of his friends were disappointed there was no food fight (say what?!) but Lucas seemed to have had a good time anyway, and that's the most important thing!

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MrsC said...

Love it! Milla (the little party planner) is already planning her next birthday, and loves the bowling idea! They look like they had so much fun!