Thursday, 24 January 2013

Jungle morning

We have an extra day off today. It's a public holiday, so no school and no CrossFit this morning. Anna, Andrew and I took the opportunity to go out in the jungle and do a rekkie for the hash we are laying in a couple of weeks. Such a nice, shady, cool morning and a lovely breeze on top of this ridge.

A jungle walk, in 35 degrees, on a January day.
As always this time of the year, I so enjoy being exactly where I am, without having any homesickness at all. It's always so hard during the whole festive season, Christmas and all - but when January kicks in, and the snow, the cold and the darkness is still there for quite a while yet back home... I love my life!!

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MrsC said...

Gorgeous view! But 35 is HOT for a jungle trek! Brave girls!