Sunday, 6 January 2013

Another Christmas

My Mum and Dad posted our Christmas parcel from Sweden on the 7th of December and were promised it'll take 5 days to get here. Well, ha ha ha ha ha! Swedish post shouldn't promise anything they can't keep..! :)
I honestly don't know which black hole letters and parcels apparently always pass through to actually get to us, but it rarely takes anything less than a month. Yesterday, we picked the parcel up at the post office! (Well, should be happy it got here at all I guess, as quite a few things have gone "missing" over the years too...)

Anyway, it was like Christmas all over again, as it was full of goodies for all of us!

Decorations, Santas and Christmas tree decorations, for both the kids and I; Christmas themed magazines for me; Lego, Swedish Christmas sweets and other toys and presents for the kids; a Pandora charm for me; photos from the wedding, cool Swedish PJs, Christmas ties for Nathan, souvenirs from Rome, a new wall calendar and much, much more:

Daddy also got this electrical mini massage tool that got put to good use straight away!

Thank you very much, and Merry Christmas!


MrsC said...

I know! Tar evigheter hit ned ogsaa. Og omvendt. Enda er ikke julekortene jeg sendte hjemover i begynnelsen av Dec kommet frem! Love Linnea's kjole, forresten! Hvilket merke?

MrsW said...

Linneas klänning är från Pumpkin Patch! :)

MrsC said...

Kjempefin! Naa har jeg handlet inn baade blaa og roede kjoler til jentene - alt er paa salg! $14!! What a bargain!!