Sunday, 9 December 2012

Festive High Tea

It has been over a year since we last went to the Empire for some High Tea. This weekend they put on a 'Festive High Tea' which sounded really nice, so when Kim suggested we'd try that one I thought it was a good idea. Both the donut, the macaroon and the sandwich ones were huge successes, so my expectations were high.

We did had a lovely time, although we were both a bit disappointed with the "festive", or should I say, not-so-festive setting. Not only did it seem like there was a much smaller selection of food than usual, but there was nothing specifically festive with it unfortunately. Just the normal finger food, sandwiches and mini pies etc.

Not even the decorations were as impressive and pompous as they usually are, these gingerbread houses were about all there was? Quite unusual for being the Empire where everything is usually so grand and nearly over-the-top.

We still managed to enjoy several plates of food though! Here's an adult plate:

And a kid plate..! (Well, the kids did it backwards, and actually had some savoury food after this as well, and some extra chocolate fondue again of course...)

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