Sunday, 30 December 2012

Silly season

I guess the party season traditionally would end on New Years Eve, with some sort of occasion giving you reason to dress up, whether it's a big party or intimate dinner.
I doubt we will be dressing up much tomorrow though, since Nathan is on stand by early the next morning, and we have just planned a quiet family dinner at home.

It's ok, we've kind of had enough partying the last week anyway! Seven different functions just in the last week!
I've really enjoyed all the dressing up, especially since I had found a few new dresses in NZ that I was looking forward to wear. And when you can't rely on someone else is remembering to take your picture, there is always the trusty iPhone and the bathroom mirror!
I remembered to take a photo of all outfits, bar one:

I have two favourites, the first outfit to start, that black dress is absolutely gorgeous. (If you only knew the trouble I went through in NZ to get my hands on it... That's a story for another day though!)
I also liked the whole styling with the white dress. Not only is the dress to die for, but I was really happy how the hair turned out and how well my new earrings I got for Christmas went with it. I felt really pretty.

You gotta love silly season! Party on!


MrsC said...

My favourite is the stripy one! You look hot!!!

TinTin said...

I love the stripy one the best too. And the red!