Thursday, 6 December 2012

Life on autopilot

Time is a strange thing.
In one way it feels like we were gone forever when we were in NZ, even though the holidays were far too short. Two weeks is not enough at all down there, especially now when there's no direct flights so the trip itself takes two days each way.
In another way it feels like we've already been back forever too. I guess it's because we tend to fall back into the normal routines so easily?

We came back late Saturday night, Sunday was spent taking it easy, unpacking, grocery shopping and just enjoying being home. Monday morning we were on autopilot already, breakfast, school, CrossFit etc. Back to normal.

Not only has internet then been down at home for a few days, but nothing out of the ordinary has really happened since we've been back. All just normal.
Last after-school-activities for the kids this week, last Zumbatomic for me yesterday - so my kids each got a Zumba cookie and a Zumba balloon. First Hash for me as a JM on Tuesday, it went alright I guess. Always room for improvement! I was surprisingly nervous actually, I hope it'll calm down a bit with time.
Otherwise it's the usual things of the season coming up, Christmas Luncheons and parties, a goodbye party, Festive High Tea etc. Glad I bought four new dresses in NZ, I'm ready for party season!

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