Sunday, 9 December 2012

Grease is the word

School has been buzzing lately as this weekend has drawn closer and closer. Even the children in Junior School have felt the excitement, even though none of them have been directly involved. Of course I had to buy tickets too, for the kids and myself (Nathan says, these things are not quite "his style"...). Tickets for what?

As for anybody else around my age who was around when the movie came out, or anybody a generation older who were young themselves in the 50s - Grease brings back memories.
I sure wasn't the only one singing along with all the familiar songs!

It truly was a fantastic production! The over 100 performers were all fantastic, there is so much talent at our school! They were accompanied by a great live band, and the set and costumes were extraordinary too. Well done to all involved!

The kids had watched the movie in preparation so they knew the storyline, unfortunately Linnea didn't last all the way (it didn't finish until 10.10pm) and fell asleep halfway through the second act, but they both woke up this morning - humming the songs!
"Grease is the word, is the word, is the word..."

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