Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Singapore Christmas Story - Day 1

Well, it was supposed to be four days in Singapore for me and the kids, but unfortunately we couldn't get on either of the flights last Friday - they were full, full, full... Boo. So we had to turn back home and regroup, and try again Saturday morning.
This is how happy some got when we finally got seats to get over on Saturday:

We then had to hit the ground running as we had planned to go to a Christmas show at the Marina Bay Sands Theater, "Santa Claus", and it started only a couple of hours after we landed. Quick bite to eat at the airport and zoom into a taxi straight to Marina Bay Sands.

I had never been to Marina Bay Sands before, and the hotel and it's surroundings are pretty amazing. The theater itself is located together with the casino in the middle of a big shopping mall. We weren't allowed to use cameras inside the theater, but I took some shots before the show started at least. It was dark, so they are blurry:

Downstairs, in the intermission. All the kids had been dressed up in their best Christmas red clothes!

Silly faces:

It was a great show, spectacular special effects, a huge set and very talented actors. The kids liked it, and it had a happy ending, what more could we ask for!

We then went for a little stroll around the beautiful shopping area, and looked at all the amazing Christmas decorations:

Then we took the MRT to VivoCity, time for sushi dinner and a spot of shopping!

And that was our Day 1.

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