Tuesday, 18 December 2012

2012 Christmas tree additions

I love that our Christmas tree tells a story. Every year I collect a few new decorations from here and there. I very rarely "just" buy something because it's pretty (although it happens), usually each decoration is connected to a place, a person or a memory.

Here are some of this years' additions.

The two first ones I bought in Sweden this summer, the top one is already a clear favourite. It's a hand painted bauble depicting some Santas painting a Dalecarlian horse. The one under it is a souvenir from the Vasa Museum visit.

The following two were bought in New Zealand, surprise, surprise. The Nutcracker might not be a specific NZ thing, but the 'Buzzy Bee' certainly is!

I bought this glitzy reindeer in Dubai last Christmas, but there was no point putting it on the tree once we got back just before New Year last year, so it didn't make it's debut until this year.

This little fellow is one out of two that the kids got from Mormor. She has made sure over the years they have their own ever growing collection of Christmas tree ornaments. They have got a few more this year too, but they are hanging on their own little trees, I'll see if I can photograph them tomorrow.

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