Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Day 2012

After another tradition, Christmas Eve evening at the Morris' house (this year slightly more subdued than normal... I blame the snaps!) it was time for something that felt like just a quick rest - before it was time to open the presents Santa had brought!
It was an early start to Christmas Day, but what can you expect - it's Christmas!!

Lucas had picked out a beautiful musical jewelery box for Linnea, that she could keep all her new earrings in. It played the music from the 'Nutcracker'.

The Roses had sent some gifts from Smiggle, just the things the kids had seen in Singapore, wasn't that a coincidence..!

The kids also got some new clothes, and Linnea got several pairs of earrings.

They got a Santa each from Mormor, but we still haven't received the main Swedish Christmas parcel, so there is more to come.

Lucas and Ben were playing with these Halo guys in NZ, so Grandma had sent some more of those for Lucas:

There was also some books the kids had wished for, the newest 'Diary of a Wimpy kid' f.e, and Linnea had picked out a Tanya Batt book for Lucas in NZ, that we weren't able to buy when she was here in October.

There wasn't a huge amount of presents actually this year, because we figured after they'd opened their big gift, they wouldn't be much interested in anything else... And we were right! :)

Later in the morning we tried to play the new Monopoly game. Although this is a version with credit cards instead of real cash, which both kids thought was pretty cool; it really shows our kids are of a new generation... They can spend hours on their computers or iPads, but more than 30 minutes on a "real" board game really is testing their patience! Needless to say we never managed to actually finish the game...

Later in the afternoon, it was time to suit up again and go for a bit of a BBQ at the Turners. It was really nice not to have too much pressure on this Christmas Day, it was just a chilled, relaxed evening.

Their kids had got 'Furbies' for Christmas, but I'm not sure who had most fun with them, the kids or Tash! All I know is I want one! :)

We had Will's famous BBQ lamb for dinner, yum, yum, yum!

No dinner at their house is complete without Pavlova, of course! We also enjoyed a little bit of an experiment from my side - Gingerbread Kladdkaka! It was delicious!

What a nice Christmas day!

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