Friday, 21 September 2012

Top bananas

A while ago I stumbled across this thing on the internet called a Banana Bag. I remember thinking that if it worked, that could be a really useful thing here in Brunei.

You see, I like my bananas really hard, still a little bit green - and it's only on day 1 of buying them they are like that. They ripe super quickly here and I never have time to finish the bunch before they've gone all mushy. Since there is no secret to stopping them from ripening, we've been baking a lot of banana muffins etc with our black bananas.

Well, that was before!
I decided to give this Banana Bag thing a try and ordered one. You are supposed to keep your bananas in it, in the fridge, and the perfect amount of insulation and air stops the flesh over-ripening, while keeping the skin warm enough to prevent it from blackening. And it works!!

These are my bananas on day 5 after buying them, still looking good and having the perfect consistency! Apparently the bag is supposed to be able to keep the bananas for up to 14 days, not that a bunch of bananas ever last that long in our house, but I believe it!

I'm really pleased I found this great little gadget, it's the little things..!

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Agewell said...

Just came across your very nice blog when looking to find info on Brunei because my sister is coming there for work in a week or so. I found the info about the banana bag useful and am going to try to find one for myself. I live in Spain.

I'm commenting because it is always nice to know if someone likes what you put up on your site or blog.

Have a nice day
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