Tuesday, 25 September 2012


We have two "betweenies" in the house!
Yes, they are far away from being 'teens' and not even quite 'tweens' but they certainly are somewhere in between, or at least, they want to be!

The oldest girl next door has her whole room plastered with posters of the current teen idols. Linnea wanted to do the same thing, but I managed to convince her to only stick things up on the inside of her cupboards, for now... Her collection isn't that big just yet thankfully!

Lucas has also started to display a bit more of a grown-up behaviour.
The other morning at school he wanted to kiss goodbye before we reached our normal "goodbye-spot"... and even though he didn't say - I understood he didn't really want to kiss mummy in front of his mates anymore.
Every now and then he forgets himself, but usually now, we do it this way. It's a little bit sad for the mummy of course, but it's his feelings that count, especially at school.

Slipping through my fingers...


Thifal Kharida Muthia said...

happy family ...:-)

Nitisha said...

Its sweet and touching...