Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Big exercise day

Yesterday ended up being a big exercise day for me. Not only did I do the two hour Hash rekkie in the morning, but Nathan and Andrew took me out for a bit of a bike ride in the afternoon.
Nathan and I have signed up for the BIBD Charity Expedition 53k bike race in less than a month, so Nathan thought I needed to get some miles in my legs before that.
The plan was initially to just go out for about an hour. You see, I leave it so long in between each ride, that every time I need a little while to get used to the bike, all the mechanics of it, the road and the traffic again.

Ha ha, check me out, super concentrated!

We went down the coast road and it all went really well, so I thought maybe we should do what the boys normally do and roll down to Bukit, have a quick pit stop, and then go back?
Well, next time I get a bright idea, stop me!! The whole ride ended up lasting 1h45 (coconut stop not included!) and in the end I clocked 44k! Oups...

But apart from a bit of a tender bum and sore shoulders (not used to keeping that posture or being in the saddle for that long), I'm feeling great today! At least now I know I will definitely be able to handle those 53k next month, and I'm already planning the next training ride!

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