Sunday, 9 September 2012


This weekend has been one long DOMS fest (=Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Not only was I sore after our first CrossFit session back on Thursday, and after my own Zumba sessions, believe it or not. Then I went to another extra CrossFit session yesterday morning, which now has prolonged the pain even more. :)

I guess that's what you have to suffer through, when you get back into daily exercise after 7 weeks of slacking off!

Yesterdays CrossFit session was designed as a bit of a "taster" for the Brunei 12WBT team. (No, I haven't signed up again, but still welcome as an old member).
It was held by a new contender on the CrossFit scene here in Brunei, Reebok CrossFit 673. It's a new CrossFit Box opening next month and it's run by an American guy called Mo.

We got a bit of an introduction to CrossFit, and Mo talked us through their philosophy and what makes CrossFit different to other forms of training.
I found it really interesting to get to know more about the theory behind why CrossFit is so successful, and why CrossFit people are often considered to be the all-round "fittest" athletes in the world.

We did three WODs:
5 min of burpees - RFT
100 ft bear crawl, 100 ft 5 broad jumps+5 sit ups x 2 rounds
400m run + 20 PVC thrusters x 2 rounds

This is how my hands still look today (over 24 h later!), after that bear crawl on the running track...

We also talked about "what is fitness?" and looked at the scientific formula that some people think define "fitness". Quite interesting I might say.

I'm planning to try and implement more CrossFit into my exercise week. I've truly enjoyed that one session a week I've been doing so far this year, and I can feel it has really made a difference to my fitness levels and abilities.
It will be tricky with the intense Zumba schedule, but not impossible!

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