Sunday, 30 September 2012

Don't sweat it

One question I often get when people hear that I live in the jungle on Borneo:
- How do you get used to the heat?!

Well, you don't. You just get used to the sweat.
Either you hide in the air condition or - you go outside and you sweat. That's a fact.

And when you exercise, you sweat a LOT. The amount of sweat I can produce is something that doesn't stop to amaze me actually. The other day I was sweating so much it kept running down into my eyes and I couldn't see! :)
After about an hour of exercise, no matter what it is, I can usually wring huge amounts of sweat out of my clothes. They look like they've come straight from the washing machine (before the spinning cycle) and I look like I've come out of the shower.

This is how the shirt I wear AFTER Zumba (while driving home, to try and save the car seat) normally looks like once I get home, about 30 minutes after class:

But hey, sweating is healthy, right! And the showers you take here after exercise, especially Hash, are just the best!

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eastcoastmom said...

I sweat like crazy too when working out!