Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Respect one a nather

Linnea has done some nice work at school already. Outside their classroom they've posted all these ice creams, and us parents can "get a scoop on their holidays"!

"I went to Sweeden on a plane when we got thare I bort a bike. Wen we bort the bik I rod it. We went shoping for clods for my mum. and thare is a playground."

Translation might be needed?
"I went to Sweden on a plane. When we got there I bought a bike. When we bought the bike I rode it. We also went shopping for clothes for my mum and there is a playground."

And today she came home with this:

"If you see sum won siting aalon, gow and be there frend. and respect one a nather."
= "If you see someone sitting alone, go and be their friend. And respect one another".

She told me she had got an extra house point for the respect one another part, which was something she had added herself. If only she would walk the talk too..!

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