Monday, 24 September 2012

The last year of 30-something

It's 08.30am and all the birthday celebrations for the day is already over at our house!
Today we are celebrating Daddy's last year in his 30s but since he's off to work shortly, it had to all happen very early this morning... Good thing I have my own little alarm clock who came and asked me at 06.20 if we weren't going to sing for Daddy soon...

Daddy got to open a few presents, and he also got some lovely birthday cards that the kids had secretly made while we were out yesterday. A few of the motifs demanded some explanation, like the whale (?) and the Lego star ship:

We also had a cake, of course! Home made this time, a bit of a joint effort between the girls in the house. Not every day you get cake for breakfast! :)

I tried a new recipe and the cake didn't end up looking like I expected it to look, but it was actually very yummy!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

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