Thursday, 6 September 2012


I was a bit scared this morning when it was time for the first session back at CrossFit after the holidays. It's such a different workout to the Zumba, and even though I normally love it, it felt daunting today.
It's been so long and even though I'm at about the same weight as when I left for Sweden, I've lost quite a bit of fitness over the last month and a half...
There was only four of us this morning, and I think we all shared the same feelings!

It wasn't the toughest session we've done, but tough enough, and I'm now glad it's behind me. The first one is always the hardest, now we're back into it again!

Todays program:
Squat clinic
One Tabata round of bottom-bottom squats, "rest" at the bottom
And the WOD, "Room Service" = 5 push-ups+5 squats+5 situps x 20 rounds

I'm sure I'll feel the ouch, very soon.

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