Saturday, 22 September 2012

The soft side

You wouldn't think so, but our little 'Tiny Tank' usually on full speed ahead, actually has a soft, worrying side to her as well.
Yesterday she was invited to our new neighbours house for their daughter's 9th birthday party. The birthday girl goes to the other international school, so Linnea wasn't quite sure who was going to be there that she knew.

While I was doing her hair, she was psyching herself up in the mirror:
- "Now Linnea, I know it's all ISB kids, but just be nice, smile, and say 'hi' to everyone!"
Bless her!

It was a disco party, so I helped her put together a cool outfit (because it was a 9th birthday party, so it was going to be a lot of "older" girls there), painted her nails with disco glitter nail polish, put her hair up nicely and added a bit of glitter to her cheeks as well.

When she came home after the party and I asked how it had been she was all happy and said:
- "It was nice, I really liked it! I made so many new friends!"
Good girl.

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