Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sssssscary first

After 5+ years in this place, today was the day I discovered the first snake INSIDE the house. Not a very pleasant first I must say.

I was going to fill up the drinks fridge and in going behind the bar I heard that "flop"-sound that the chit-chats (=gekkos) sometimes do when you startle them and they fall off somewhere and onto the floor. A second later I felt something run across my foot and assumed it was said chit-chat. I remember thinking "oh my, that felt like a big chit-chat" and I peaked around the corner of the bar to look for it, but instead saw this long, skinny, brown snake slither away across the room!

Of course I was all alone!
Nathan had gone to pick up the kids from school and our maid was in her room ironing. Since I didn't want to loose sight of the snake, who by now was slithering like crazy all over the room not seeming very happy, and risk it going into hiding somewhere I didn't know where - I had to shout for her of the top of my lungs to get her to come and help.

Once she had the snake in sight, I could go to find my winter boots to protect my feet and we then rallied together a couple of wooden sticks and a broom. Since there was no knight in shining armor able to come to the rescue, we were left to our own devices.
Neither one of us felt particularly brave, the snake didn't seem very friendly at all but finally we managed to open the sliding doors and sweep it outside.
We then called on the dogs to see if they could finish it off. They did come to our rescue, but the snake was far to fast for them, and managed to get away.

Ah well, we are having a dinner party tonight so I'm very happy we didn't discover it then! Or that one of the kids did... IIiiiisshhhh.
I'm just disappointed I didn't get a photo of it for you guys but I was a little bit too busy managing the wooden sticks and the broom etc... ;)

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eastcoastmom said...

Herre du min! Vad du är tuff, jag hade nog bara rusat ut!!!