Monday, 11 May 2009

"When we get home I'm going to cry"

Bless our two little ones, they wanted to put their airplane clothes on too today to go and say goodbye to their cousins at the airport... This week has already gone by far too quickly.
Everybody got big hugs, and we sent them off with our neighbour and Daddy - so they should arrive in Singapore at least, safe and sound! (They have a big trip in front of them: Brunei-Singapore, Singapore-London, London-Aberdeen - glad it's not me for once!)

(This will probably be the "wall photo" actually.)

While driving home Linnea said "When we get home I'm going to cry", because she felt really sad that C-l-aitlin and Liam had gone. Lucas was just wondering if tomorrow he would get out early from school again...

We wish the Whites a safe trip, and a good start to their new life up north! Thanks for coming to see us on the way!

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